The Chameleon. Lurking in the urban jungle, undetected, unknown, blending into the ever changing landscape, sampling everything from fine dining to reviewing take away joints, this lizard loves food possibly a little bit too much.

A bit about The Chameleon

For a long time now, the Chameleon as he likes to call himself, has been sampling life's special culinary treats and has grown quite fond of a tasty piece of sushi or a perfectly grilled piece of steak. Not only that, but he's traveled around the world (here and there) and has tasted the weird and wonderful that different nationalities bring to the table. 

The Chameleon is just that; a creature who lurks silently from restaurant to restaurant, from burger joints to sushi trains and from steak houses to fine high-end dining experiences. He remains unknown, his identity never to be revealed. The Chameleon does not take photos of food. The Chameleon does not expect special attention. The Chameleon does his own thing, as he feels. 

As a food critic, it's often difficult to 'rate an experience', as sometimes restaurants look oh so cosy and are decorated beautifully, yet the food that comes out from the depths of the back rooms tastes like rubber chicken (oh yes, the Chameleon knows what rubber chicken tastes like). On the other hand, some of the worst looking, most hidden away places have offered the most divine culinary experiences known to man (and lizard). It's a bit hit-and-miss, so the Chameleon is here to help. 

The reviews you read here are very critical; the Chameleon has high expectations in terms of food AND ambiance AND service and decor AND anything else that he cares to discuss. To score a 100/100 is nigh impossible; and the Chameleon can not be bribed. 

The Chameleon does however take requests for reviews. Just send an email to with the restaurant you'd like him to critique and he will do what he can to do a review within 6-8 weeks.  

The Chameleon is also available to help improve your restaurant with constructive, sensible and common-sense feedback that will increase your establishment's appeal to a wider audience and as such, help you increase your turn-over. Email for fees and more information. 

Yours sincerely,

The Chameleon


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