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Phat Burgers

Overall score: 83/100

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The Chameleon will admit that he frequents quite a few 'restaurants'. You know the ones, they start with Mc... and Kent... and Hung...  The Chameleon is not even afraid of admitting that he enjoys some of their fare.

It was with delight then when travelling through the main street of Toowoomba that he came upon a burger joint, one that was proud to call itself a burger joint. A burger joint that wasn't afraid to have some 'attitude' and an approach to burgers totally different from the usual fare provided by those other places. Phat Burgers was a welcome change for The Chameleon.


A while ago, The Chameleon had one aim, and one aim only; to find cheap and cheerful food, where ever he traveled. In fact, this became such an unhealthy obsession that one day, he woke up and found himself visiting only 'those' take away outlets and nowhere else. This frightened The Chameleon, so much so, that he wowed to himself never to really look at the price of food again. Lucky then that this change in his philosophy occurred before his visit to Phat Burgers, as in his prior life, he never would have even dreamed of paying more than $10 for a burger alone.

As he entered the establishment, The Chameleon instantly felt relaxed. He's not sure if it was due to the relaxing feel all that timber gave the room, or the bar like atmosphere and lighting, or even if it was the vast menu blackboard that had an air of casualness. There weren't many patrons for late lunch and The Chameleon found himself waiting for his burger patiently accompanied by the daily paper which was on offer along with what looked like 100s of pieces of literature to keep you amused.  

He ordered a 'Van Helsing' since the word 'horseradish' caught his attention (horseradish in a take away burger, it couldn't be) and took a seat in one of the darker booths, away from the stylish but glaring orange seats, or the bar seating which was available also. What he really appreciated was that there was at least choice as to the type of dining you were into. The wait for the burger was quite long; there was even an apology when it was bought to the table which made it a little more bearable for The Chameleon.     


When the bruger did eventually arrive, he was very surprised; it was plainly wrapped in the usual white paper, as you would get in any other take away joint. No plate. No fancy wrapping. No fanfare what so ever. Disgruntilingly (is that a word?), he proceeded to unwrap the package, wondering how he came to pay over $11 for a burger which was delivered in packaging the next level up from newspaper.  

The Chameleon was in for a shock. The burger was MASSIVE! I'll write that again just in case you missed it the first time; MASSIVE! Suddenly it dawned on him why there was no plate and why Phat Burgers needn't worry about packaging. 

As The Chameleon stared at The Van Helsing, staring at him, daring to take a bite, he realised that this sort of a burger deserves his money. The price, retrospectively, was cheap for what you got. The burger was kind of hard to handle, but tasted delicious and left him feeling like a pig in mud once he had finished this monster. The relish, horseradish and caramelised onion dominated the flavours, but somehow it worked; the 'balance' that The Chameleon looks for in a burger was very evident here. 


Phat Burgers produces exactly that, phat premium burgers in every sense of the word. The place is inviting, the burgers are huge and crafted with care and really, $11 is very justifiable for a burger as good as the Van Helsing. 83/100

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