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Chutney Mary (Take Away)

Overall score: 91/100 (Take Away Score)

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Yes, The Chameleon reviews take away food as well! Through a special formula created by The Chameleon himself, the score is references in a way so that it becomes comparable to a sit-down style meal. Of course it's only a partial way of deciding a restaurant score, but at a minimum you'll get an idea of the food quality and a little bit of the service.

Chutney Mary is a highly regarded Indian restaurant in Toowomba, so The Chameleon went to check out what all the talk was about. Urbanspoon reviews unfortunately appear to be tampered with; a lot of negative reviews from single reviewers. From the perspective of the food, The Chameleon was satisfied.

As a restaurant that does, what The Chameleon assumes, is a lot of takeaway, the place is definitely not set up for it; it's a small, thin room with all the action at the back. There was some waiting time; more than typical , this started things off on the wrong foot.


Initially, Chutney Mary threw a spanner in the works; it was very expensive for the typical take away portions. The Chameleon left with the thought that it better be a bloody good meal, because there isn't much of it there. The main meat based dishes came in tiny flat Chinese containers; they surely must believe in their product to think that such a small amount would satisfy the customer. 

The Chameleon had what he always has from Indian restaurants; butter chicken. This was accompanied by a plain naan, garlic naan and one other meat dish which the Chameleon just can not remember (the visit was quite a few months ago), it may have been Rogan-josh. The reason why The Chameleon is lost in his memories is that the butter chicken was so well executed that nothing else that was consumed in that meal even mattered! Chutney Mary dishes up THE BEST butter chicken tasted by The Chameleon. No, that's a lie; it's on par with the butter chicken that The Chameleon ordered in Glasgow, Scotland (a city some regard as the second home of Indian cuisine). So really, it's EQUAL TO THE BEST. For the first time in his life, The Chameleon wanted to lick a Chinese container empty.

While it's really difficult to look past this one fact regarding the awesomeness of the take away order, The Chameleon does remember that the naan (both types), while very tasty, were also overly oily, so much so that by the time he returned to its hiding hole in his tree, the 'grease-proof' paper had failed in it's task miserably. 


Chutney Mary may be a small Indian restaurant in a regional center of Queensland, but the taste of their dishes is highly regarded by The Chameleon. Although a few things were slightly amiss, the food more than make up for the Chutney Mary experience. A sit-down meal/review should not be too far away. 91/100

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