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Sushi Train Aspley

Overall score: 87/100

It came as a surprise that there is a conglomerate of sushi train stores in Queensland (The Chameleon always thought most of these would be stand alone), one of which was the Sushi Train Aspley. The Chameleon and his partner decided on a 'dinner and movie' night at Chermside and this particular sushi train popped up on the Google radar. We were glad it did.   


The Chameleon had passed this particular restaurant a number of times before; it's located on Gympie Road, otherwise known as one of the most busy roads in Brisbane. It's kind of hard to miss, jutting out at the corner of a multi-store complex. Finding parking was kind of a challenge even at early evening time and The Chameleon had to park one set of shops away with a short walk to stretch the legs before entering. 

What greeted us was a very interestingly decorated dining space, complete with hanging rods, which The Chameleon really admired. The train track wound its way in an interesting free-form, no shape in particular, full of a variety of plates to choose from. The place was very neat and we were seated almost instantly, albeit in a small cramped corner spot, but one that allowed us to see the chefs working their magic at the preparation area. While this may seem a mute point, it's important to keep in mind that this restaurant is known to have a waiting line outside the door on some evenings; The Chameleon might have been lucky during his visit. 

What was a slight disappointing was that the crowd was....a crowd. It was very noisy inside and very full. The Chameleon is aware that this is all part of the experience, but it was slightly overwhelming at Aspley; a lot of people squeezed into a moderately sized space.   


What really stood out at Aspley Sushi Train was the variety. Previous trains visited by The Chameleon have often been lacking in this area, but Aspley had the goods. And it was very high quality. The texture of the raw tuna was exquisite, the seaweed salad had the perfect edge of hotness, the sushi rice was sticky, just as it should be. The prices were reasonable enough for a train and The Chameleon left a happy camper. 


Sushi Train Aspley is a fine example of a sushi train, and to the uninitiated, this would be the ideal spot to try this unique dining experience. A high scoring train. 87/100 

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