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Signature Cafe (lunch)

Overall score: 74/100
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The Chameleon was in his territory in the wild wilderness that is Tasmania, but towards the northern tip near Launceston lies George Town, a quiet little sea-change town, struggling with the stigma of low socio-economic living, it's name tarnished possibly forever. It was thus such a surprise for The Chameleon that The Signature Cafe, open for lunch on this beautiful day presented a memorable dining experience. 


Signature Cafe opens from not only the main street of George Town, but also through a back entrance from the Woolworths car park, creating a long and narrow take away shop. It's hard to miss, the cafe looks rather unassuming from both entrances and a quick peek inside suggests nothing more than the typical fare you would come to expect in any Tasmanian take away...deep fried everything, with a hint of local produce. 

This however, was a great misconception; upon entering, you begin to see some refinements, a hint of design thought even, a bit of quality. And then it hits you. The walls. Yes, the walls. Covering almost every nook and cranny of this place, are messages, some scribbled haphazardly, some that look like time was taken, some longer, some very short and some very creative. It's not often the Chameleon will say this, but the highlight was the rest room. He will just say he walked out of there inspired. 

The staff were extremely helpful and made sure the Chameleon's crew was very comfortable; smiles all round. 


The Chameleon ordered a souvlaki and he also had an opportunity to sample some wedges. First the souvlaki. Look, the Chameleon will say it here and now, it's a bold and brave move to put this dish on the menu; souvlakis are typically either done very well, or very dismally. Surprisingly, this one was in the middle. While the lamb was nowhere near the type of lamb you get in souvlaki mad Melbourne, it wasn't totally horrible either. The filling was OK, the wrap was OK, the garlic sauce could have been better. But you know, it wasn't bad; it just wasn't  "Melbourne standard".

The wedges. One word: WOW. The wedges were just right. Nice texture, great mixture of crunch and softness, great flavours lingering on. Well done Signature. 


Signature cafe is worth your visit. The wedges easily took the meal over the line and the uniqueness of the 'signatures' is definitely worth a look. A must in northern Tasmania. 74/100 

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